The Classic PS2 Puzzle, Fantavision 202X Hits Steam After 23 Years

In the age of remasters, it's good to see some underrated names coming back.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 27 Apr 2023

Sometimes you feel like going back to the simpler times of booting up your video game console and playing your favourite games without fiddling around with updates and online connections and all that other stuff that makes you regret. It is quite sad to reminisce about those times now, after all the shape of the video game industry has changed quite a lot since then. But no matter, some companies and their goodwill to keep the spirit of vintage titles lives onto this day.

Unfortunately, whether big companies’ intention is to keep an IP alive or use it as a cash cow is uncertain, though some of the developers remaster or remake titles with the intention of “just for spite”. Quite surprisingly, Fantavision is about the latter. A classic PS2 title over Japan has been remastered and re-released on Steam by its original creators. Developer Cosmo Machia’s magnum opus is now available on Steam with a title change, adding 202X to imply that it is actually the newer version of Fantavision we used to play.

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If you are curious about what Fantavision is, it is one of the outstanding real-time puzzle games of the early 2000s. You know, the era when gaming was at its peak with original titles and it was ever growing with unique games almost every month. Just like the extremely outstanding ideas with each puzzle game of those times, Fantavision was no exception. You have to solely depend on your quick reflexes and shape recognition to match pieces on an ever busy screen. Of course, with the progression, comes harder levels and even quicker reflexes to finish the game with a superb rating. We must warn you to avoid this game if you have a case of epilepsy as this game can cause some issues if you are sensitive in that regard.

We highly suggest you check out Fantavision 202X if you are curious about early 2000s game design and looking for an extraordinary experience when it comes to the puzzle genre.

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