Destiny 2 Cheat Creator To Pay 6.7 Million Dollars To Bungie

With millions of copies sold across the past many years, it’s easy to become a target for many cheat creators.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 09 May 2023


Bungie is no stranger to getting their problems being sorted in court. In fact, they have a vast history of finding cheaters in Destiny 2 and suing them for smearing the reputation of their beloved title. This time, however, things got even worse for the person who created the cheat software and got themselves into trouble by not showing up in court, making their life a hellish nightmare.

Originally the case started in 2021 when three groups of cheat distributors were sued by Bungie for causing discomfort and violating DMCA rights. The first group’s cases were sorted in 2021 with a whopping 13.5 million dollar fine; obviously, they have ceased dealing cheats to people interested in buying. However, the latter two groups of cheater communities (who also specialized in selling them) never filed a court, up until now. Twelve million dollars for the first distributor was filed in judgment, and now the last group got filed for 6.7 million dollars. It makes matters worse since this community was led by one person, and ultimately cheating software was created by the same person too. When the owner of the cheating software didn’t show up to the court to defend themselves, Bungie was the outright winner of the case, and they were charged with violation of rights and disturbance.

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It is estimated that cheating software creators had their two different types of cheats downloaded 3000 times, and their payout would be around between 45 thousand dollars and 580 thousand dollars. Compared to their 6.7 million fine, that number looks very abysmal, though we are pretty sure, with rights violations and damage to properties, they deserve that outcome. Bungie really means business with their strict takes on cheaters, and honestly, that should be the norm for every developer who has been struggling with a mass amount of cheaters.

After its release in 2017, Destiny 2 has sold millions of copies with the game's five main expansions thus far. Forsaken was published in September 2018, Shadowkeep in October 2019, Beyond Light in November 2020, The Witch Queen in February 2022, and Lightfall in February 2023. So it’s obvious to be under the target of cheat creators who’d like to make their way to riches by cheating.

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