Spirit of The Island Will Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The charming tropical life-sim, Spirit of The Island will be getting a release on the Nintendo Switch.

By DShelley, Posted 16 May 2023

Fans of the RPG Life-Sim, Spirit of The Island, rejoice as it would seem that we may be seeing the game get released on other platforms. Thanks to its successful release on Steam back in August 2022, developer 1M Bits Horde has confirmed that it will soon be giving the game a release on the Nintendo Switch.

In Spirit of the Island, you begin your journey after arriving onto an island that was once a hub of tourism and hospitality and is now sadly left desolate, a shell of its former glory. It is now up to the player to explore every corner of the island in order to uncover both the island's past and try to figure out what caused the island to end up in the state it currently is. Venture across the archipelago, chat with residents and restore the once bustling island.

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Spirit of the Island comes packed with tons of things for you to do, and each activity comes with its own unique mini-game such as fishing, farming, foraging along with exploring, mining and crafting. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as with other games in the genre, you can sell what produce you grow, set up a museum to house all the various artifacts and trinkets you uncover from exploring the island. The game even gives a set of 10 skills that you can master.

The game feels alive, and during certain days in the in-game year you will be able to experience different types of events and other celebrations. A good example of this is with birthdays, the game keeps track of characters and their birthdays, so you can celebrate them along with other celebrations such as Ocean's Day. Thanks to this unique feature, Spirit of the Island stands out from others like it, and makes its world feel so much more thought out.

Another thing that may interest players is the fact that the game also includes co-op, meaning you and up to two friends can have fun and explore the island together. Even when playing co-op, you can still play through and complete single-player modes and quests, you can also share your resources with friends, that's thanks to the co-op Resource Sharing. This is probably one of the reasons why Spirit of the Island will be perfect on the Nintendo Switch.

Despite the announcement that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, both developer 1M Bits Horde and publisher Meta Publishing have yet to announce a release date for the Switch version. However, the game will also be releasing across multiple platforms, so it's most likely we will hear about it soon.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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