Crash Bandicoot’s Voice Actor, James O’Brien, Has Passed Away

The gaming world has lost one of its subtle yet most unforgettable voice actors.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 16 May 2023

We all know Crash Bandicoot and its sympathetic personality, right? Charming, playful, and sometimes charismatic, Crash had a big role during the mascot wars of the 90s and actually had taken Sony to the next level with its high level of sales and friendly nature. Of course, Crash had the looks, but he also had a very subtle voice of his own. He would only make small sounds like moaning or some sort of pain noise. However, the tone was the little detail that made Crash who he is.

It is saddening to learn the news that Crash’s voice actor James O’Brien passed away on the 23rd of March this year. The information and details have been released to the public via the Legacy website, and now the news is being spread through social media. Born to an actor family, he chased the same way of his mom and dad of being an actor. It also clearly showed real talent in how he could tone his voice for Crash’s own mood and behaviors.

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James O’Brien worked in Naughty Dog from 1996 to 2004, which is roughly from First Crash Bandicoot’s release on PS to Crash Twinsanity on PS2. Crash then took a different path in its game development, and James O’Brien parted ways with Naughty Dog, just like how Crash’s changed his own creators and publishers. Rest in peace to one of gaming’s most memorable voice actors, we salute the work that was put in by James O’Brien and forward our condolences to his family and close friends.

Nowadays, Crash has been literally “rumbling” around the gaming cycle as the latest entry, Crash Team Rumble, will be out next month. The previous title, Crash 4: It’s About Time, did well in sales despite its grindy nature of getting all gems and finishing time trials.

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