Next PowerWash Simulator DLC May Take Us Somewhere New and Unexpected

In a new teaser, it would seem that the next DLC for PowerWash Simulator may take us somewhere unexpected.

By DShelley, Posted 21 May 2023

PowerWash Simulator is well known for its fun and unusual crossovers, such as a Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII crossover, and it would seem that the game's third major expansion will be no different. However, unlike the previous expansions, which were all crossovers of publisher Square Enix's other IPs, this next DLC may take us somewhere unexpected.

PowerWash Simulator is certainly an oddball for Square Enix, a company known for games with high production value and epic stories that span across multiple lands and chapters, so when one of their simpler titles became a viral success, it came as both a surprise to both the company and gamers.

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PowerWash Simulator is one of the latest entries into the ever-growing simulation genre and is developed by FuturLab. Players take on the role of nameless, hazmat suit wearing protagonist, who must expand their up-and-coming power washing business while facing off against the grime and dirt that plagues the small town of Muckington. That's a much more epic description than the game actually is, but you get the idea.

As mentioned earlier, PowerWash Simulator is rather well known for its odd DLCs but its upcoming one may be the strangest one yet. On the official FuturLab YouTube account, the developer recently uploaded a 10 second trailer, which revealed that the latest crossovers will be with non-other than the yellow sponge himself, SpongeBob SquarePants.

The yellow cartoon sponge is no stranger to videogames, and this DLC will be the first time we’ll be seeing Bikini Bottom through the first-person perspective. What we can currently see from the trailer is that the DLC will make many references and nods to the show, such as our power washing gun, which resembles one of the many gadgets used by the series villain Plankton.

The DLC also shows that the map we will be exploring will be none other than the famed residential area, the iconic houses of Patrick, Squidward and of course, SpongeBob's pineapple. Besides this, there is not much else shown in the trailer, however, we are given a vague release date of sometime in the summer of 2023.

The trailer seems to have been incredibly well received, with the video's comment section being filled with fans praising the developers for their unpredictability. Many also praised FuturLab on the fact they were somehow able to top the Final Fantasy VII crossover. PowerWash Simulator is an excellent example of how crossover DLCs can hold and expand two franchises in one go. As to what may come after, we will have to see but with FuturLab, anything is possible.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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