Fallout: New Vegas Is Now Free On Epic Store For A Limited Time

Here’s another chance to play one of the best RPGs ever to be released on the market.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 26 May 2023

There is always “the” game in the series which people point out to be the best. While the classics of the Fallout series are great, Fallout: New Vegas merged the charm of the first games with 3D environment and storytelling, making it one of the best RPG hits of the late 2000s. While most of the games are still trying to catch its fame, Fallout: New Vegas has been distributed many times in its lifespan, and it certainly contributed to its ever-growing fame.

Time to time, Fallout: New Vegas becomes free on Steam or GoG, but this time around, Epic Store is giving away free copies of Fallout: New Vegas to people who want to try out the masterpiece, or have another copy ready when the other five copies they have won’t start working. Jokes aside, if you have never played Fallout: New Vegas before, getting it for free on Epic Store is a nice opportunity to dive into the world of post-apocalyptic southern California state after the Great War of 2077. The story is of course about 300 years into the future, showcasing the result of a nuclear war. The atmosphere, characters, gameplay and progression of Fallout: New Vegas is very solid and it was always referred to as go-to RPG when it comes to the pinnacle of an RPG game.

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By the way, the version of Fallout: New Vegas is not the bare-bones version, it is actually the full pack called Ultimate Edition which includes every single DLC pack that was released for the game. This includes extra story content such as Dead Money and Honest Hearts and weapon/perk packs like Courier's Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal. Therefore you will be getting the full experience by grabbing a copy from Epic Store.

Epic Store gives out freebie games every single week and this week’s game is Fallout: New Vegas. The upcoming free game will be revealed on 1st of June next week.

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