Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Double the Map Size of the New York

Cannot wait to visit Tom’s Diner as Spider-Man! Wait, is it not available?

By AtillaTuran, Posted 04 Jun 2023

Insomniac, the developers of the current Spider Man games, have revealed a nifty new information about the upcoming sequel to Marvel’s Spiderman in a recent interview. As expected, a sequel must bring more content to the table while fixing and balancing what the first game did wrong, according to the developers of course. Since most of the next games in the franchise tend to change themes around, Spiderman cannot do that as the superhero is almost tied to the ever-crowded city of New York.

In order to battle the problem of not being able to change the scene, Insomniac is planning to go further and include the unreachable areas in Marvel’s Spider Man to Marvel’s Spider Man 2. This feature does not only cover opening the map a bit more, but it also adds more detail to the surroundings that were available. Game’s designer, Bryan Intihar gave more detailed information about what’s to be added, such as the Queens and Brooklyn side of the New York area.

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Intihar followed with saying those areas- Queens and Brooklyn- being all residential with neighborhoods consisting of small buildings, and away from the city districts in Manhattan. Therefore Spider Man lay low with his web slinging ability or choose to fly up to scout the area thoroughly in the new parts of New York. Not only Insomniac is planning to double the size of the map, they are also planning to give more detail to existing Manhattan area. This way they want to give a better immersion to the player when it comes to being the Spider Man.

Recently it was confirmed that Marvel’s Spider Man is planned to be ported to the PC platform. For Marvel’s Spider Man 2, it will be exclusive to the Playstation 5, and its planned to arrive in this year’s fall season, though Insomniac haven’t properly revealed an exact date for the release.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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