The Next Mythical Pokémon Coming to Pokémon Go Has been Revealed

We now have confirmation on what the Mythical Pokémon to be added to Pokémon Go will be, as well as where to find it.

By DShelley, Posted 07 Jun 2023

Many fans have been dying to know what the next Mythical Pokémon Niantic will add to Pokémon Go will be, and it would seem we finally have confirmation. The Pokémon catching game has recently entered Season 11, and Niantic has added plenty of new content to keep players entertained, including an upcoming event that will feature a new Mythical Pokémon that fans haven't seen for quite some time.

This event will take place during the game's annual Pokémon GO Fest, this celebration will take place sometime in August and will be celebrated in places such as U.S., U.K., and Japan, however, the cities of New York and Osaka will have in-person activities as a way for fans from the different Pokémon Go communities to come together and celebrate their love for the game. In-person activities aren't the only things that will be taking place, as players will be able to participate in the global portion of Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Players from everywhere in the world can participate, even without a festival card.

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With events such as Pokémon Go Fest 2023, it is expected that there will be some sort of Mythical Pokémon involved in the event, and after much speculation, it would seem we finally know who the Mythical Pokémon will be. In a post shared on the official Pokémon Go Twitter, it was revealed that Diancie will be making its debut. Pokémon Go Fest ticket holders will have a chance to access Diancie's special research during the in-person and global portions of the celebration. Diancie isn't the only pokémon debuting, as Carbink will also be making its appearance during the event. Carbink will appear on 27 and 28 August 2023.

The Event will also include various bonuses such as an hour-long activated Lure Modules and an increased limit on Remote Raid Passes. There will also be four habitats available on Saturday every hour that will spawn specific Pokémon. These habitats are the Quartz Terrarium habitat, which will have Pikachu wearing a quartz crown, as well as spawn Heracross, East Sea Shellos, and Buneary. Pyrite Sands will have Pikachu wearing a pyrite crown, and spawn Trapinch, Gible, and Joltik. The Malachite Wilderness will have Pikachu wearing a malachite crown, Roselia, and Oranguru. Finally, the Aquamarine Shores habitat will have Pikachu wearing an aquamarine crown, and will spawn Marill, West Sea Shellos, and Goomy.

Pokémon Go Fest is one of the most important celebrations for developer Niantic, as it also serves as a way to keep fans updated on what will be coming to the game. Pokémon Go Fest will take place sometime in August.

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