Counter Strike 2 Will Be Receiving Some Major Updates

It was recently revealed that Valve will be making a few comprehensive updates to Counter Strike 2

By DShelley, Posted 07 Jun 2023

There seems to be a lot of change in store for Counter Strike 2, as it would seem that the game's very own core loadout mechanics are changing. It was recently revealed that Valve, the developer and publisher of Counter Strike 2, will be rolling out a series of comprehensive updates that will be changing a lot of aspects of the game, both in terms of the game's mechanics but also its visuals.

The news of all these updates that will be coming to the game has come as quite a surprise to many fans, as the game was initially set to release in Summer 2023, and it is rather unusual to make so many drastic changes to the game, when it is so close to the release date. These updates would mean that almost every aspect of the game is being reworked from gameplay to visuals. This does mean, much to the dismay of fans, that the game will no longer feature a weapon selection wheel.

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However, it would seem that all the changes being made to Counter Strike 2 share quite a few similarities to fellow team-based FPS Valorant, particularly with its weapon selection method. Instead of featuring a weapon selection wheel, players will instead have to select weapons through the use of a custom grid. This grid will have 5 different pistols, 5 "mid-tier" weapons such as submachine guns and shotguns, and 5 rifles and carbines. Aside from the factions' classic starting pistols, the grid will allow players to fully customize their loadouts and what goes in what slot.

This does mean that whatever you put onto the grid will be what you will have access to during a match, and what was not selected will be sent back to the Armories. The newly added 15 weapon limit, would also suggest that there are plenty more novelties coming to the game, such as was the case with the R8 revolver that was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This also gives Valve a chance to add more weapons to the game as a way to increase the shooter's lifespan.

Probably one of the biggest changes in the game will be how Valve’s new gambling policy is implemented. With this new policy, Steam condemns numerous activities that in the past were considered to be fair game for skin gambling, such as what is known as commercial activity engagement. We have yet to see how this will change the way Counter Strike 2's skin economy will work.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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