Haenir Studio Close To Publishing Blight: Survival Release Date

Blight: Survival has grown from its humble beginnings as a side project between two friends to a full-fledged AAA-like experience with a team of developers.

By Rayan, Posted 09 Jun 2023

With over 650K wishlists on Steam, Blight: Survival has been one of the more fascinating medieval-themed games announced in quite some time and has finally unveiled some details about the game. Haenir Studio has revealed that their upcoming game will be a full-length PVE extraction horror in which players will face off against different enemies, from the infected creatures to knights to bandits, across diverse environments, all devastated by a mysterious plague. Blight: Survival has grown from its humble beginnings as a side project between two friends to a full-fledged AAA-like experience with a team of developers. They aim to launch on PC and bring it to game consoles afterward. Given that there won't be an Early Access period, we'll play Blight: Survival as a full release.

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Blight: Survival at its core is round-based. Each run entails going deeper and deeper into the map in the hopes of staying alive as long as possible before having to either extract or die. If you are successful in your extraction, you can retain everything you have gathered. If you die, however, you won't be able to take your character or equipment with you; all you'll have left are a few experience points to pass on to the next generation. According to Haenir Studio, each playthrough will be unique from the last. According to a recent tweet, Blight: Survival will have six different types of enemies - Hybrids are animals fused with humans, Armoreds are humans & infected, Hiddens are obviously hidden and re-animating infected, Mini-bosses will have multiple organisms combined, Swelters are heavily infected, emitting airborne spores, and Decayeds are old and decomposing infected. 

In addition to the main storyline, there will be side quests to do and hidden locations to investigate, breathing much-needed life into the game and allowing you to uncover the secrets hidden throughout its environment. You can choose whether to focus on the story or the co-op experience. As you progress farther into the game in search of additional mysteries, you will unlock the ability to engage in combat with a wide variety of enemies in a variety of settings, and everything you do will have some bearing on what comes next. The game also includes upgrades and customization options for items through crafting and gear modification, and there will be two separate systems for creating weapons and armor. For instance, in order to make a sword, you will need a hilt, a cross guard, a blade, and a scabbard. Some forms of therapy include bandages and lamps, while others involve herbs and potions.


It's too soon to get into the nitty-gritty, but it's safe to assume that crafting will play a significant role in the game's leveling process. In Blight: Survival, there is no class system. Therefore, you can freely combine different pieces of gear. The game features various stages in addition to the many pieces of equipment. The game also features a religious aspect, and players can sacrifice various deities to gain varying favors for their runs. Matchmaking, hosted on private servers with the possibility to invite friends, is also on Haenir Studio's roadmap. You can play at parties and share experiences and loot with your friends or go alone. The game allows you to play solo, with friends, or anywhere in the game's world you choose.

Sadly, there hasn't been any announcement of indication for the release date of Blight: Survival. Haenir Studio is still hiring people, and their latest announcement of hiring a Community Manager indicates that the game development is in its final phase. We might be able to see the game at the end of 2023 or at least by the Q1 of 2024.

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