Payday 3’s Release Date Might Have Been Leaked by a Reliable Source

After 7 years of drought, are we going to see Payday 3 being something real, or just a mere mirage of the past?

By AtillaTuran, Posted 10 Jun 2023

It has been quite a lot since Starbreeze announced that they were working on the third game of Payday. Started as a basic moviesque heist game, the current Payday game is more of a build-your-own character game filled with lots of DLC content that would make Train Simulator blush. Starbreeze’s decision to make a new game was made in 2016 with a blog post and since then, we haven’t heard much about it. Although developers are very quiet about the upcoming game, new DLC and fixes are pushed for Payday 2 from time to time.

According to a reliable source on finding leaks, Starbreeze will drop the release of Payday 3 on 21st of September this year. This leaker could track new additions on Microsoft Store and through the database they were able to get the little snippets about Payday 3. Seems like Starbreeze waited until the Xbox showcase, which is going to happen tomorrow. Our guess is, if the release date has been issued to certain databases of the platform, the reveal of actual Payday 3 might be closer than we expect.

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Payday 2’s legacy on large content packs and updates is notoriously known to never stop coming. In fact, the player base always makes basic jokes as “dead game” on the blog posts and keeps bragging about changing the weapons and play styles of certain decks. From being a basic loadout to a grindy game, fans do not know what to expect from Payday 3. As we all know, Payday 2 had the “GTA V” treatment for a long time, developers decided to keep the current game on the market by adding additional content and barely ever worked on the next game. In fact, their own decisions led to the downfall of Payday 2 at some point. After all, seems like Starbreeze is planning to do what Rockstar couldn't do for years by actually talking about their upcoming game.

We can expect to hear about Payday 3 with either a cinematic or in-game trailer tomorrow. Maybe the reveal tomorrow will be the answer to our curiosity and the game will be more open to free choices of players. We shall wait and see what Starbreeze has planned for Payday 3.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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