First Look at Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art for Young Tifa

Fans have finally gotten a chance to see the concept art of young Tifa in a rather cute Western-themed outfit.

By DShelley, Posted 22 Jun 2023

We have finally been given a chance to see some new concept art for Final Fantasy VII Remake, particularly concept art for young Tifa Lockhart. In the concept art that was recently shown off by Square Enix, we see a younger version of the female protagonist, Tifa, wearing a rather flattering western-themed outfit. This also seems to hint that we will be learning more about her and her past.

Final Fantasy VII is possibly one of the most popular entries in Square Enix's long running Final Fantasy series, and Tifa Lockhart, who is still adored by many fans, plays a vital part in the game's story. Tifa is the reserved yet fiery monk character of the party, who is also a member of the Avalanche organization which seeks to bring down the Shinra Corporation, who is draining and exploiting Midgar for all of its resources, killing the planet.

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Tifa is also the owner of the Seventh Heaven Bar, which is located near her hometown of Nibelheim. However, instead of just serving a variety of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, the bar also serves as the organization's main base of operations. When she's not fighting climate criminals, Tifa serves drinks in a rather flattering outfit. The concept art for this outfit was recently shared on Twitter by the official Japanese account for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Along with the piece of concept art, we also got to see the versions of said outfit with screenshots from Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Reunion.

Many fans did notice that the version we got in the game is much more covered up than the one shown off in the concept art. This upset some fans, who then insisted that they remove the black garment covering her chest. If there is enough traction for this rather odd request, there's no telling if they'll listen to the fan's request as it won't really make much of a change to the outfit. Despite the few that wanted to see more skin, many other fans said that they enjoy the outfit as is and even went as far to say that the outfit is very cute and flattering for the character.

It was very kind of Square Enix to show off Tifa in her cowgirl outfit and show how the garment changed over the years since the game's first release in 1997. The new versions may look so different because it has been confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth may create multiple alternate timelines, meaning we may be getting an alternate look at the original game's plot.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
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