Destiny 2's Next Returning Raid Has Been Leaked

A notorious Destiny 2 leaker has apparently leaked the next returning raid that will be coming to the game.

By DShelley, Posted 24 Jun 2023

Despite Destiny 2's season only being halfway through, it would appear that there is no shortage of leaks as to what will be coming in the game's future, and the most recent one comes from a notorious leaker who has quite the long history of being right. If the leaker proves to be true then that would mean that the next returning raid would come from the very first Destiny game.

The raid in question is the Vault of Glass and King's Fall raids. The leak of the raids were met with quite a bit fanfare from longtime players, who have longed to have raids similar to the first Destiny game. Players should be aware that, while yes, these raids will be returning, they will be doing so with a few modern changes.

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As for the game's current season, Season of the Deep. The Season continues the story of the guardians and their battle against The Witness and its forces. Players will be sent to Titan's newly returned moon. You are sent there by a character known as Deputy Commander Sloan, who requests the Vanguard's aid and must defend a strange unknown creature that lives in the methane oceans seen across the moon's surface. This creature plays a vital role as it may also be able to provide more information about The Witness.

This season, which puts a much heavier emphasis on the game's narrative and in particular, The Witness itself also provides a few major revelations about its goals and origins. As well as the role that the Traveler played in setting everything up. There are still about two months left of the current season and players are still hungry for more as many want to know what will be coming in the future.

Thanks to famous Destiny leaker, Liz, we apparently don't have to wait long, as if what they say is to be believed then players should prepare themselves to get ready to venture back into the Moon's Hellmouth as Crota's End may be the one Bungie finally takes out of the game's content vault. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crota's End, it was meant to be a part of The Dark Below expansion for the original Destiny game.

While it would be nice to finally be able to experience the expansion, it would be wise to take the leak with a grain of salt until we actually get confirmation. However, there may be hope for the leak, especially considering that Liz has been right numerous times in the past.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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