Street Fighter 6’s Game-Breaking Bug Gets Reported Before The Tournament

Street Fighter 6 has an upcoming championship and some people reported a game-breaking bug to get rid of exploiters.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 28 Jun 2023

Last month, Street Fighter 6 had a blast of a start with positive feedback from players. New characters, a story mode, and the return of the beloved online matches created a huge player base in a matter of days. However, some hiccups were to be eventually found during the initial release of Street Fighter 6. Such a case just happens to arrive before the big championship for Street Fighter with a game-breaking bug. To take measure, Capcom got involved right away as soon as it was reported.

A very committed fan of the series has been grinding the game since it came out and as it turns out, this bug he found might have helped him to win the official Street Fighter Cup that is organized by Capcom themselves. If he were to actually keep the bug a secret for himself, he could have earned 1,000,000 dollars, which is the grand total prize for the championship. Despite all the mischievous thoughts, he opted to report the bug and help everyone who might or might have not been aware of the bug.

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The bug in question allows players to cancel enemy grabs entirely, not allowing opponents to create an opening for themselves. An example would be the scenario of the player being down and the opponent using the grab to do ground combos, but the bug allows them to completely bypass the grab. Other situations include grabbing the opponent on an exposed state to keep them in the combo and so forth. By reporting the bug, this person allowed the community to be aware of such a glitch existing, and surprisingly enough, the word did reach Capcom in the end.

It is quite fascinating to see devoted players being keen on keeping the titles safe. It was also an important report to developers because it was found right before the Street Fighter 6 tournament as well. With the online communities being very dense and active, we can see more acts of kindness in the future as well.

For now, we have to be glad that the internet exists so Capcom can release a patch to fix it, if it was the old Street Fighter titles, they would have to create a new line of physical cartridges or CDs to combat that pesky problem.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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