Court Documents May Have Leaked DayZ 2

A recent publicly shared document from Microsoft may have accidentally leaked DayZ 2.

By DShelley, Posted 30 Jun 2023

Well, there certainly seems to be no shortage of surprises during the recent Microsoft hearing with the FTC to approve their acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Among these many surprises it would seem that Bohemia Interactive is working on the sequel to DayZ.

DayZ is a multiplayer horror survival game that first launched in alpha over 10 years ago. In the game, players must try to survive by scavenging for stuff such as food, weapons and a variety of other utilities that will help them fight off the hordes of undead that now plague the world. Zombies aren't the only thing that players will need to worry about as probably the most dangerous thing that players will encounter in DayZ are other players. Arguably, it's because of the player Vs. player aspects of the game are what helped it rise to fame.

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However, if you and your friends don't feel like swinging spiked baseball bats at each other, alternatively, you can work together with other players to try and survive in the zombie plagued world. Thanks to this, many believe that DayZ was successfully able to incorporate the true nature of the zombie apocalypse genre. Now, to the surprise to many it would seem that we now have a sequel on the horizon, even though it was unfortunately leaked.

The sequel was confirmed during the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft court case, where a document was shared that featured an updated profile for Bohemia Interactive, which was meant to be confidential and intended for internal use only. The profile included a list that documented all the current projects that Bohemia Interactive was working on. These included "Arma Reforged, Arma 4 and DayZ 2."

Well, the confirmation of the sequel was confirmed, nothing else about the project was shared during the FTC hearing and the document merely stated that DayZ 2 was currently in development. This means that we currently don't know how far along the project is in terms of the development. For all we know DayZ 2 could currently just be exploratory work and there could be no developers actively working on the project.

Despite this, it's still good to know that at least DayZ 2 is in the works, especially considering how successful the first game was and the impact it had on the horror survival genre. We will most likely get a statement from either Bohemia Interactive or Microsoft themselves regarding the leak. Heck, we may even get an official announcement considering the amount of fanfare surrounding the confirmation leak.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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