Quantic Dream To Release Under The Waves By The End Of 2023

Under The Waves isn't far from taking us to the depths of North Sea.

By Rayan, Posted 04 Aug 2023

The North Sea will play host to Under The Waves, a forthcoming adventure game with a futuristic 1970s setting. Those who choose to assume the role of a deep-sea diver will have to accept the hardships of working alone and with the tragedies of the protagonist's background. According to the description provided by Parallel Studio, the location was carefully selected to reflect his emotional state. Stan, our submerged hero, will have a more difficult time overcoming the painful events planted into his history the longer he navigates the foreboding coral tunnels and nautical crags and crevices. Amid the waves of despair, you must steer toward a choice that will determine your destiny; he could remain trapped below the surface for the rest of his life or find a way to escape.

The protagonist of Under the Waves will be a spiritual being. Stan, a professional deep-sea diver, experienced a devastating loss just before setting out on a protracted maritime trip. The diver will have to endure an unending cycle of mourning to process his feelings and move on. Although this may sound simple in theory, professional diver Stan is fighting to move on from a devastating loss and embrace a brighter future in the deep North Sea of the futuristic 1970s. The solitary depths of the ocean are a good metaphor for Stan's mental state. As he descends deeper into his self-imposed isolation, he encounters bizarre occurrences far below the waves, suspended somewhere between life and death. The decisions that Stan must make are going to have a profound impact on his life.

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Under The Waves is a story-focused adventure game developed by Quantic Dream. So, don't look for any quick-time-event (QTE) filled, high-octane battle scenarios. Instead, as you make your way on foot or in your little submarine across the murky depths of the North Sea, the game will present you with a series of internal obstructions that will require your whole attention. Explore the enormous seafloor while flying Stan's submarine, meeting the gorgeous fauna that will be Stan's only companion throughout his solitary confinement—attempting to return to the surface and rescue his life by following the inexplicable manifestations of his memories.

Stan's journey of self-discovery will progress more smoothly if he collects the necessary supplies and makes his tools. This isn't your run-of-the-mill horror story, so you won't have to worry about running into any aliens when exploring abandoned underwater facilities. From time to time, your surface-dwelling mystery contact will send you a message, in which case you may rest confident that your journey is not a brisk amble through the motions but rather a poetry trudge riddled with moral precepts and subtle messages relevant to the human mind.

Quantic Dream, developers of such highly successful titles as Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, first announced their collaboration with Parallel Studio during the 2022 Gamescom convention. Aside from the usual one-minute sneak preview that aired during the showcase, not much has been revealed after the announcement. The good news is that Under The Waves will be made available for all major platforms, so it won't matter which one you possess.

Assuming Quantic Dream doesn't push back the release date, it should be available by the end of 2023. At some point in 2023, Under The Waves will be available for Xbox One, Xbox series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Switch Port's existence or non-existence has not been confirmed. It's likely that Nintendo won't get invited until 2024, if at all. Unfortunately, no special editions have been revealed by either Parallel Studio or Quantic Dream. However, all you can do is add the base game to your Steam, PlayStation or Xbox Store wishlist.

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