Crimson Desert Trailer Revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Crimson Desert was showcased in a new trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live by its developers Pearl Abyss, three years from its initial announcement.

By Umbra, Posted 23 Aug 2023

Three years ago in 2020, Pearl Abyss announced Black Desert Online: Crimson Desert, a new entry into their popular MMORPG. The developers have now shown that Crimson Desert promises to be a significantly more fast-paced experience than its MMORPG counterpart that preceded it. The game itself is set within the same setting as Black Desert Online, on the continent of Pywel and now sees players taking on the role of Macduff, a wary and troubled mercenary traveling the length and breadth of the continent. Players will need to face off against and maybe even assisting, many different factions dotted throughout Crimson Desert's gorgeously detailed game world.

The Crimson Desert trailer showed highlights of the gameplay and the various activities available to the player within the new game itself, such as testing Macduff's strength against opponents in arm wrestling matches, interacting with livestock, patting different kinds of pets and, of course, the most important open-world in-game activity: exploring!

Crimson Desert

The developers have shown their talent at graphics and world design, as the trailer showed that the already beautifully designed and detailed world of Black Desert Online has now been thoroughly visually overhauled into a truly breathtaking experience for future players to enjoy, during their time playing the game.

Geoff Keighly, the host of Gamescom Opening Night Live, announced last week over social media that the development team of Pearl Abyss will be attending the Gamescom Opening Night Live and that they will be showing a new three-minute long trailer from a current work in progress development build of the game.

The trailer itself was positively received by much of the existing Black Desert Online fandom who seem to be eager to play Pearl Abyss' brand-new entry into their popular MMORPG's setting.

The trailer itself was composed of a series of highlights showcasing the development build's gameplay, such as the game's Final Fantasy XVI like third-person perspective and the game’s new action-packed, fast-paced combat. The in-game user interface has been updated with date, time and even weather, along with a brand new rotating mini-map, filled with various objective markers placed at the bottom of the screen. The side activities added to the game include various shops and merchants throughout the world for the player to make use of to buy and sell equipment during their many adventures. Interacting with various animals featured throughout the game. The interactions shown in the trailer include things like being able to pet dogs and even being able to pick up cats.

Despite Gamescom Opening Night Live being marred with audience members attempting to rush the stage during its proceedings, and that many who saw the trailer being cautious due to Crimson Desert itself having been on a seemingly indefinite hiatus. The announcement itself was met with positive reception, whilst many were excited to see the news about the game.

Alex Shelley (@UmbraPone)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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