Could We Be Getting A Venom Spinoff Game?

Spider-Man 2's narrative director has been asked if we could be getting a potential Venom spinoff title.

By DShelley, Posted 20 Oct 2023

Spider-Man 2 is definitely one of 2023's most highly anticipated releases with its launch on the PS5 just happening, it makes sense why the game is the talk of the town. The game hasn't even been fully released yet and the game's narrative director is already being asked if fans will be getting a potential spin-off title, based on Spidey's iconic dark counterpart, Venom. From what we've seen from gameplay and narrative trailers, it would seem that the alien Symbiote plays a major part in Spider-Man 2. Venom has already had numerous solo adventures both in the comic and cinematic universe, so a solo game isn't out of the question.

As mentioned before, Spider-Man 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, and while we have yet to see official sales figures, it's very likely that the game will be a top seller - similar to how well both previous Spider-Man games fared with both titles collectively selling around 33 million copies. Now, considering that Spider-Man 2 is the third game set in the Insomniac's take on the Spiderman universe, it's safe to say that the developers know what they want to do with the universe and where to take it, which could, hypothetically speaking, mean that solo game focusing on the fan favorite symbiotic antagonist isn't out of the question.

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In a recent interview with Insider, the senior narrative director for Spider-Man 2, Jon Plaquette, there were discussions about whether there was a chance that future Venom focused solo spin-off titles could be possible. When the topic was brought up, Paquette merely brushed the question off, only saying that both him and the game's team wanted to "wait and see how the fans react" This will most likely come after the game has fully released and the team has taken stock. However, even if a potential Venom spinoff was on the cards, we would most likely have to wait some time as it has been confirmed that the next Marvel game Insomniac is working on is the much more mature Wolverine title that we first saw teased a few years back.

From the interview we did learn that Venom plays a major role in the story and that the team took a lot of inspiration from many Venom stories and comics but the team also threw in their own original ideas. Despite how exciting a solo Venom game could be, perhaps the Symbiote doesn't need his own solo adventure, especially if he plays a major role in the game's story and narrative, but we will have to see what Insomniac has planned for the future Spiderman games.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
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