Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Be Revealed In Early December

A 25th-year anniversary post was published on Rockstar Games’ social media accounts along with information on the next GTA installment.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 08 Nov 2023

We have been waiting quite a long time for this, and it actually happened. The Next Grand Theft Auto game will be revealed with a trailer in early December, according to the post made in their Newswire section by Rockstar Games today. It is stated that the 25th year anniversary of the Rockstar Games is approaching and the company decided to share the first trailer about their upcoming title for the GTA with the awaiting fans.

It has been quite a long time since Grand Theft Auto had a refresher. Rockstar has been heavily updating their currently active game, Grand Theft Auto V with various DLCs to the online section. While constant updates and new content are great, people started to find themselves in a limbo where they are fine with the content, however, they would love to see more about the artificial universe the franchise is set in.

Rockstar Games wanted to let people have standalone, single-player DLC content around 2015, two years after it was released on the consoles, but it was cut due to unknown reasons. That was the time when regular players of GTA V ever so came close to finding an extra bit of lore behind the characters. Nevertheless, one of the main characters, Franklin, made it into the online portion and reminded that Rockstar was still working up with something.

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Then came the leaks, which was another part of the whole saga of the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. Last year, an anonymous hacker sneaked their way into the Rockstar database and revealed a few videos and screenshots related to the project. The hacker was caught and despite having a huge law-breaking file to himself, he was set free due to their age and unstable mental problems. This whole problem with the leaks put pressure on Rockstar, as their almost 10 years of secret developmental stage was made publicly available to the masses.

Now here we are, witnessing the return of the Grand Theft Auto series, the highest-grossing media to be ever sold in the history of the earth. People have been speculating for quite a while and everyone was expecting some kind of announcement around late November and early October. And finally, here it is. Even a single post of Rockstar was enough to hype a lot of people, and we will see how they will handle the announcement. We just hope that it does not end up like their last two projects: Trilogy Remaster and porting GTA V to the new generation. One can believe Rockstar was putting more effort into the next installment, but we are living in quite a different world, it is not 2013 anymore.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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