Wonder Woman Is Going To Be Live Service

Looks like the upcoming Wonder Woman game will be a live service Title, that is if a job listing is to be believed.

By DShelley, Posted 16 Nov 2023

After it was first revealed back in 2021’s The Game Awards, people have been dying to know more about the upcoming Wonder Woman game, and it would seem we may finally have some details about the super hero title. If a recent signed job listing for Warner Bros. and the game's developer, Monolith Productions is to be believed, it looks like Wonder Woman is most likely going to be a live service title.

As mentioned earlier, the game was first announced two years ago and we weren't given that many details but from what the developer has previously said about the game, Wonder Woman will be an Open-World action title and the game will also be single player as we will be playing as the titular heroine, Wonder Woman. However, Monolith Productions seems to have left something out and that was that the title would be a live service game, this was first spotted by Wccfetch via a recent advert that states that the studio and publisher were seeking a “Lead Software Engineer, Gameplay” for an upcoming title. This job listing seems to imply that Warner Bros. is looking to implement live service elements into the game.

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The job listing then goes into further detail stating that they are looking for someone to “deliver a superhero experience as epic as Wonder Woman herself” and then lists various daily duties associated with a job, alongside with a list of necessary experiences required for the job. Though there is also a part of the listing that lists “nice to haves”, wherein the developer indicates that the person might need “experience helping maintain a live software product or game” which may prove to be beneficial for the project.

This may come as a surprise to players who were under the assumption that due to the game being a single player experience it wouldn't have any live service elements. This isn't that surprising, considering that Warner Bros.’ CEO, David Zaslavsays did recently announce that the company would be putting their focus on turning many of its biggest franchises into live service titles. While this most certainly will prove to be quite lucrative for the company, it may not be the best approach as the announcement of Rock Steady’s Suicide Squad: Kills the Justice League being a live service title, was met with disdain and criticism from many fans since February. Only time will tell if Wonder Woman will be a live service title that will somehow be kept afloat, but considering the pattern of other titles, it may be very unlikely.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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