EA Has A New Soccer-themed Digital Card Game In The Works

Thanks to a new patent, we know that EA could be working on a new digital card game for mobile devices.

By DShelley, Posted 22 Nov 2023

If there's one thing that EA is known for, it is their sports games, such as FIFA, and their most recent sports release, EA Sports FC 24. Plenty of EA's previous games have featured things like digital cards, as previously seen in Ultimate Team, but now it seems that EA is working on a whole soccer-themed digital card game aimed towards mobile devices.

As mentioned before, digital cards aren't anything new for EA, as it has been known for many years; the publisher has included them in numerous of their releases, such as NHL, FIFA, and, more infamously, EA Sports FC 24. In the past, these franchises featured cards connected to the players' rosters for the year they were based on; digital cards would represent the rosters in question. As for how players could acquire these cards, they could get them through card packs, which would give them a rank based mainly on their stature in football, hockey, soccer, and other sports. You would likely score higher in the Ultimate Team mode if you had a high rank.

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Thanks to a recent patent, EA is getting ready to give players an entirely new field in which to compete. EA recently filed a new patent that provides us with details about their new upcoming soccer-themed digital card mobile game. Players will have a chance to draw cards featuring some top-tier players from different teams all around the globe; they will then have to compete on a playing field that resembles your standard soccer pitch.

The game will be 1v1, as players must carefully plan and control their players to beat the other teams. Players will also be able to customize their deck to get the best players in their hand. The higher a card's value, the better that card will have with scoring a goal. This means, depending on what card combinations you have, players can have a score probability of 100%

Players will use these cards in what the patent calls a "battle, " implying that there may be more going on in these matches than in your standard soccer match. While these sound amazing, and EA has released an incredibly detailed patent regarding the digital cards and what you can do with them, we currently do not know when or if these cards will be released as remember, not all patents get to act.

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