Embracer Group, The Owner of Eidos Montreal and Deus Ex IP, Lays Off Almost 100 People

It is said that a work-in-progress Deus Ex title has been also canceled due to mass layoff.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 30 Jan 2024

Nowadays, gaming companies are on the way to shrinking their crew to the minimum while keeping their profits. It is explained basically that during the pandemic, mass hiring is now redundant and almost all companies are on the verge of annual losses. Evidently, a lot of well-known gaming studios are slowly finding redundant small offices within the company, or individuals, and firing them off.

Embracer Group is one of the companies that went on a spree during the pandemic, merging with other offices such as Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal. Now that everything is settled, Embracer Group had to lay off members of Eidos Montreal, potentially putting an end to an upcoming Deus Ex game in the works. The last time Deus Ex was mentioned, it was a mobile spin-off called Deus Ex: The Fall, made by Eidos Montreal, just like its Hitman counterpart, Hitman Go.

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Although it is not mentioned in the statement of Eidos Montreal, it is highly likely that the new Deus Ex project has been halted indefinitely due to a 97-man layoff, triggered by Eidos today. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Eidos Montreal explained the complications they are experiencing an economic crisis in the office and had to lay off a certain amount of people to keep Eidos Montreal afloat. For the people who lost their jobs, they state that they are very talented people and they will try their best to find other options available in the current gaming market.

Recently, Microsoft had to cut off a staggering 1,900 people from their jobs at Activision Blizzard to opt for a relaxed environment. It is no surprise that recent major layoffs happened all of a sudden, and of course, the workers who put their souls into carrying the quality of the products end up being put behind the walls for being productive. We could at least expect the whole layoff business to cease around next year as companies start sorting their employees.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
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