Sega Sammy posts fiscal report, Aliens: Colonial Marines shipped 1.3 million

Phantasy Star Online 2 huge success

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 May 2013

Sega Sammy has reported the financial results for the fiscal year, ending at March 31, 2013. A net profit of ¥ 33.5 billion or $331 million, representing an annual growth of 53.3%. The company did decrease operating profit by 67.3% year by year, down by ¥19.1 billion or $189 million.

Sega Sammy has accredited it's profits through "investment securities" and the shift of employee's pension benefits but noted that the decrease demand for packaged games to 10.8 million that include 1.31 million units of Aliens: Colonial Marines, 1.36 million units of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, 940,000 for Football Manager 2013, and 590,000 units of Yakuza 5.  

The company stated that Phantasy Star Online 2, which launched in July, exceed 2.5 million and paid services has surpassed expectations.

Sega Sammy predicts that the company will grow 41% by the next fiscal year, up to ¥47 billion (40.5% increase) or $464 million. The company also intends to ensure that their business will shift to the business environment by ensuring that their game software will be capable with next-generation consoles and a greater focus on "digital software for mobile phones, smartphones and PC downloading."

Source: Sega Sammy (1)(2)

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