GTA V now on Xbox Games on Demand

Get your digital version of GTA V on Xbox 360

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Oct 2013

Before the only way to get a digital copy of Grand Theft Auto V was on the PS3, until now. GTA V has joined Xbox's Games on Demand. So if you were unable to purchase your copy of this amazing game now you can, as long as you have a proper internet connection.

I reviewed Grand Theft Auto V, stating that it was "a compelling title filled with activity and undoubtedly contender for game of the year". After spending hundreds of hours I can honestly say that I would give GTA V a 97/100 all over again.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
Developer(s): Rockstar North
Genres: Third-Person Shooter
Themes: Open World, Action
Release Date: 2013-09-17

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