Fable Anniversary Gets a Specific Release Date

Earlier this year Lionhead Studios said Fable Anniversary would release in February.

By XboxBetty, Posted 12 Dec 2013

The original Fable game was released nearly ten years ago in 2004, selling  millions of copies and quickly becoming a classic. Just this summer Lionhead Studios announced the game would be fully re-mastered and released with the title Fable Anniversary. The re-mastered version will include HD graphics and audio, new achievements, Xbox SmartGlass integration and The Lost Chapters.

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Earlier this year Lionhead Studios announced that Fable Anniversary would release in February 2014, without giving fans a specific date. Today the studio doled out the specifics, announcing bonus content and the official release date of Fable Anniversary.

Fable Anniversary will release exclusively for the Xbox 360 on February 4 in North America, February 6 in Asia and February 7 in Europe. Fable Anniversary can be pre-ordered now with first edition copies including a 10th anniversary avatar helmet and a code for the Launch Day Outfits and Weapons Pack.  

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed.com.

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  • Sounds good. never got to play the first one. loved the second one even if the third was a bit toooooooooo easy and straight forward :/
    Posted Dec 12, 2013
  • @Dramus I played the second and third and have never played the first as well. I'm thinking I'll def check out the remastered version :o)
    Posted Dec 12, 2013
  • I've played them all and, to me, the Fable games are always conveyed to be something they're not.
    Posted Dec 12, 2013
  • @Grayshadow What do you mean? Like they are misleading with how they are advertised? I could see that.
    Posted Dec 13, 2013
  • @XboxBetty @Grayshadow i agree that they are advertised as something bigger than they are. Still, The second game was an excellent game. The third horribly easy. I actually played my second play through using only magic and no physical attacks. i actually took about 5 hours less to finish the game this way. Wish the real estate business was a bit tougher in both games lol. It's very easy to own all the towns as soon as you get to them.
    Posted Dec 13, 2013


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