Dead Rising 3 DLC Confirmed

Operation Broken Eagle begins on Xbox One this week for Dead Rising 3

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Jan 2014

The first of four campaign DLC add-ons will be releasing on Xbox One this week for Dead Rising 3. Each pack will be centered on “The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” and will put players in control of various characters that will intertwine with the main storyline featuring Nick Ramos. Jose Bridge, executive producer of Dead Rising 3, explained that cooperative play will be removed for a more single-player centered narrative.

Dead Rising 3,Xbox One,Operation Broken Eagle,DLC

In an interview with Bridge explained that they “chose to do that so we could really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character’s story”. Bridge did add that the weapons and vehicles added through each of the DLCs will be available for cooperative play. 

The first DLC of the “Untold Stories” series will be called “Operation Eagle” and begins before the events of Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3,Xbox One,Operation Broken Eagle,DLC

Bridge explained that in Operation Broken Eagle “you’re playing this commander of a military group that goes into Los Perdidos earlier before the main story. It gives a totally different take on this story and that it was really fun for the team and we think gamers will really get a kick out of it”. The content will include new weapons, a custom vehicle, new story flow, and missions.

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  • the only reason I'll be getting a XB1. I remember renting out a 360 when I couldn't afford one because I wanted to play Dead Rising that much :)
    Posted Jan 21, 2014

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