Year Walk Gets a Steam Release Date

Year Walk will release in March through Steam.

By XboxBetty, Posted 16 Feb 2014

Year Walk is a first person adventure game from the Swedish developer Simigo. Players find themselves in a 19th century Sweden where dimensions and reality have become foggy. Exploring a dark forest on a vision quest, players search for clues and solve puzzles to glance into the future and find out if they are loved back by the one they love.

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Year Walk has been available on the App Store for about a year now, and soon the adventure will be brought to PC and Mac via Steam. It will not just be a port, but "something between a port and a remake." The Steam version of Year Walk will include a slew of fresh features including new locations, puzzles and controls, updated art and an encyclopedia explaining the myths and creatures players confront throughout the game.  

Year Walk,Simigo,Steam

If you've played the iOS version of Year Walk, you probably thoroughly enjoyed it. Currently, the majority of customer reviews on the iTunes store are positive with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This weekend Simigo announced that Year Walk will be available on March 6 for PC and Mac through Steam. If the iOS reviews are any indication of its potential, Year Walk will be a must play.      

Check out the Year Walk Steam trailer and visit the new mini website for more information.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed.

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