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NoobFeed's hottest gaming news for the week of February 9-15.

By XboxBetty, Posted 16 Feb 2014

NoobFeed highlights the hottest gaming news for the week of February 9-15 with game delays, an abandoned game and beta access for (almost) everyone.

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Flappy Bird is No More: The creator of Flappy Bird has taken the game off of Google Play and the iTunes Store.

Watch Dogs Delayed on the Wii U: No word on how far it will be pushed back, but Watch Dogs will release on other platforms between April and June.

A New Developer Diary From Irrational Games: The dev diary shows a bit of gameplay and some familiar faces.  

Where is Act III of Kentucky Route Zero?: Cardboard Computer updated fans on the progress of Act III; still no release date.

Titanfall Beta Available to all Xbox One Users: If you're an Xbox One user, a code is no longer required to participate in the Titanfall beta.

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