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A point-and-click game about loss, grieving and how we cope, A Song for Viggo deserves your support.

By XboxBetty, Posted 18 Jun 2014

In the last few years emotional, story driven games with an underlying message have taken center stage on PCs and consoles alike, revealing a softer side to us gamers, exposing a not so well kept secret. That secret? We're not all CoD fanboys/girls who stick to one genre 24/7. Sure, shooters and big AAA titles have their place in our hearts, but we do enjoy games with a little more depth; games that make us feel something, maybe even have us shedding a tear or two by its end.

Current titles like Papo & Yo, The Walking Dead, Gone Home and the recently released Among the Sleep all have something in common. They make us feel something. Be it anger, guilt, sadness or some other heart-wrenching emotion, the writers of these games must have done something right to get such a passionate response from the community.

Simon Karlsson, A Song for Viggo, Kickstarter, Steam, Greenlight, PC
We really do have hearts, and they're not all cold, shriveling masses of muscle.    

Another emotionally driven game has popped up on Kickstarter, and this time around it's not about zombies, nor angsty adolescent love; it's not even about alcoholism. However relieving or upsetting this may be, Simon Karlsson's A Song for Viggo is looking like it's going to be depressingly good.

A point-and-click game about a father who accidentally kills his son, A Song for Viggo will contain five chapters, each focusing on a different experience revolving around the loss of a child - a struggling marriage, depression, suicidal ideation, etc. It's about how we cope after tragedy, how we deal with loss, how we grieve and how we move on.  

Karlsson must be quite the strong-willed individual to make a game with such a subject manner, going so far as to interview people who have experienced the loss of a child, adding a realness to his story. And he certainly is a patient man, constructing each and every object within the game by hand, out of paper and glue. Not only that, but he's also composing the soundtrack and programming the game. All. By. Himself.

Simon Karlsson, A Song for Viggo, Kickstarter, Steam, Greenlight, PC

"It's one of my goals with the game; to bring their stories to you, to make people who may be in this situation – trying to maintain their everyday life in the wake of a disaster – feel that they are not alone," writes Karlsson on the Kickstarter page. Clearly, he's not doing it for the money, he has a goal in mind, and that's to get a message out, making us all feel something along the way.

A Song for Viggo has just about ten days to go to reach its $20,000 Kickstarter goal. For just $10 you can support the project and receive a digital copy of the game at the time of its release, estimated June 2015. If you're as broke as a joke, you can go the other route and support A Song for Viggo on Steam Greenlight.

"Even after the end, everything continues," writes Karlsson about loss and depression. Let's hope this project continues, receiving the support it deserves.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed

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