Ultimate NES Remix Revealed for Nintendo 3DS

NES Remix coming to Nintendo 3DS December 5, features exclusive content

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Nov 2014

The NES Remix series made another appearance, and Nintendo has finally decided to bring these gems to the Nintendo 3DS. Ultimate NES Remix takes the best mini-games from the first two NES Remix titles and adds Famicom Remix as an exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and adding addition challenges from the Japanese version of NES Remix. Speed Mario Bros. Has been added that increases the speed of the entire game.

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Nintendo has finally added an online leaderboards to each challenge. Now players can compare their times to other gamers in their region and watch their gameplay to study their tactics. For those looking for more glory a daily challenge will be selected encouraging players to play everyday. Those who purchase Ultimate NES Remix, either through retail or on Nintendo's eShop, will gain access to an exclusive Famicom theme for the Nintendo 3DS for free when it releases on December 5.

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