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New challenges revealed about Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Nov 2014

Next up was Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Play as Captain Toad as he travels through mini-universes in search of treasure. By rotating the camera in different directions the player can navigate the environment efficiently through the power of perspective while looking for the hidden Power-Star in the 70 plus stages offered in the game, each offering a unquie challenge to each level. 

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Building on the minigame originally featured in Super Mario 3D World Toad, and sometimes his companion Toadette, must navigate the dangerous environment and obstacles in order to reach the gold star at the end of each stage.

The insane environments and varied challenges are not only unique to Toad's adventure but are relatable to the entire Super Mario series. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will release on December 5 on Wii U. It was also reveald that Nintendo's Amiibo figures will be compactable with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker but it's unknown what function they will serve.

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