Inside Gaming Joins Rooster Teeth as Funhaus

Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, James Willems, Joel Rubin, Lawrence Sonntag, Matt Peake, and Sean Poole join Rooster Teeth

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Feb 2015

Today the former cast of Inside Gaming, Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene, revealed their new channel called Funhaus. In collaboration with Rooster Teeth Productions Funhaus will feature "videos, fan stuff, videos about video games, and some butts too. Whatever you want." According to Ashley Jenkins of Rooster Teeth the channel will feature questions and answers, podcasts, and gameplay content. The cast of Funhaus will also appear on The Know to help in reporting stories.

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It's unsure what videos or original content is scheduled to release on this new channel but it is safe to say that the brand of humor and satire that made Inside Gaming such a success will be present in Funhaus. As an added incentive to subscribe Funhaus will release their podcast with Burnie Burns Sunday if the channel reaches 100,000 subscribers before then. 

On January 29th the cast of Inside Gaming revealed that they were leaving Machinima for new adventures, while filming their last podcast. On January 30th the cast filmed their last episode of Inside Gaming Daily, finishing the episode with horrible trailers and flowers. The Funhaus cast will feature the shanngians of Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, James Willems, Joel Rubin, Lawrence Sonntag, Matt Peake, and Sean Poole.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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