Turkey's Family And Social Policies Ministry Investigates Violence In Minecraft

The violence in Minecraft shocked so many members of the Ministry that they had to investigate this viscous game. No we aren't kidding.

By Artemis, Posted 06 Feb 2015

Violence is a common thing in video games, even in a very kid friendly game like Minecraft. What happens though when Turkey's Family and Social Policies Ministry seems to think that the game encourages violence towards women? They send a probe into the game and try to do a full scale investigation of course.

Turkey's Family and Social Policies Ministry seems to be under the impression that:

"In the higher levels of the game the player may need to kill women, allies and even friends for survival reasons."


First of all: Minecraft doesn't have levels, your character can gain levels but those serve a different purpose entirely. There is an end boss if you really want to fight that, but you don't necessarily have to. Minecraft is a game where you can just play in the same world forever, build things, survive and have fun. It doesn't push the players to beat everything like other games tend to.

According to the Turkey's Family and Social Policies Ministry:

"The ministry has received many complaints regarding the violent elements, especially against women, in the video game and thus launched an inspection.

If the ministry’s investigation decides that the game encourages violence, the ministry will proceed by opening a law suit against the game for a country-wide ban."

You have the option to not kill anyone but just the monsters and random wildlife and beat the game just fine. Violence against other humanoids isn't encouraged unless you just want to go beat someone up with a sword. That's the entire point of a sandbox, as the player you do what you want, they just give you the means to do so. Not only that but confirmed by the man who created the game Notch, that all of the original minecraft skins were meant to be gender neutral so there really are no "males" or "females" in minecraft. The female and male skins most people see are made by the fans, not the original creator of the game.

Hopefully, Turkey's Family and Social Policies Ministry will see that Minecraft is a very harmless game that isn't encouraging people to do anything but to express their creative sides through building massive, magnificent structures. For anyone who's ever played Minecraft, we all know that we are encouraged to build and mine when we play, not destroy.

Well, except for Creepers, but they are planning on blowing us and our hard work up, so they’re kinda asking for it.

Angelina Bonilla, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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