New Project Spark Update Goes Live Today

Daily Treasure Trove update now available for Project Spark

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Mar 2015

New updates are coming to Project Spark that will give players new ways to earn XP, credits, tokens and more. Previously players earned these upgrades by playing Project Spark but now can earn these upgrades by completing daily challenges through the Daily Treasure Trove Game.

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“The Spark Treasure Trove is designed to be simple, fun and quick. It’s part of the new daily routine you can use to get Content Packs and items faster. We’re trying something new with this game, to give a lot of value to our players. And if you are a dedicated player who logs in every day to Project Spark, we'll reward you with more tickets and a higher daily multiplier to get even better prizes.”

Team Dakota will release the update today and will give players 5 bonus golden tickets for simply logging into the game. Afterwards players who log into Project Spark will receive 1 ticket, and premium members will get 3 instead.

That’s not all as the previously launched Icons pack will gain an additional 35 new icons, increasing the count from 23 to 58, and will be free for all users who purchased the pack.

Developed by SkyBox Labs and Team Dakota Project Spark is a “game maker” title released in 2014 on Xbox One and PC. Players use the myriad of items and tools to create, share and edit different creations to other players. 

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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