GTA V Heists Update Adds More Content

Rockstar adding new modes alongside Heists

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Mar 2015

Heists will not be the only thing Rockstar is adding to the GTA Online experience. New modes, features and enhancements are coming to GTA Online alongside Heists to make the experience even richer.

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Adversary Modes will unlock as players progress through Heists and will include three modes. The first called Come Out To Play has three well-armed Runners attempting to get home before the Hunters can kill them. The Runners are limited to movement by foot while the opposition wield free-aim shotguns and ride ATVs and motorbikes. Hunters must remain on their bikes to have access to unlimited lives while Runners only have one life and can pick up weapons from dead Hunters.

Siege Mentality has four players fighting off 6 attackers in a specific location. Attackers have unlimited lives but are limited to sawn-off shotguns and defenders have full access to all their weapons.

Hasta La Vista has Cyclists attempting to reach their goal while being by pursuing Truckers. Cyclists must use the acceleration and maneuverability offer by their bikes to avoid the heavy trunks since both parities have no access to weapons. 

Also added are daily objectives that will give players a series of challenges to take on for GTA$ rewards. With three new objectives per day players can earn up to $500,000 in rewards.

New activities in Freemode will add new ways to earn cash and RP rewards. Players will receive calls from Lester, Lamar, Trevor, and Ron looking for help. Those who complete these tasks with style will earn new awards.

In addition to all this new content players will have a new Email notification system to contact and message their GTA Online friends, regardless of what session they’re in. 

Grand Theft Auto V Heists will launch on March 10th on consoles and on April 14 when GTA V launches on PC.

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