Razer Gains A New Supporter For Their Virtual Reality Headset

Razer announces that Ubisoft will support their Virtual Reality Headset

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Mar 2015

Razer’s open source virtual reality headset has gained a new supporter, Ubisoft.


“The Open Source Virtual Reality framework has potential to push the boundaries of virtual reality gaming.” Gael Seydoux, business director of Ubisoft, stated. “Our teams at Ubisoft are known for pioneering game development using the latest technologies, so we’re looking forward to demonstrating what we can do by working with Razer and Sensics, building on the OSVR platform.”

Razer announced that their OSVR headset Hacker Development Kit (HDK) v1.1 is now available through their website. It comes with a full-HD OLED display for higher contrast and lower latency due to faster pixel-switching.

The Razer OSVR was revealed in January and is slated to launch by June 2015 for $200. The headset comes with head-tracking capabilities and two 5.5-inch displays that provide 100-degree field-of-view. 

So does Virtual Reality still interest you, sound off in the comments below telling us why. We want to know your opinion on the matter!

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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