GameForce, Belgium's Game-Centric Con, Confirms Second Edition Dates

There will be more GameForce in Belgium.

By Daavpuke, Posted 10 Mar 2015

Belgium’s FACTS convention has received a game-specific competitor since last year. GameForce, as the event is called, has now confirmed that its second edition will be held on October 3 and 4, 2015. Once more, the con takes place in Antwerp, by the waterside at the Waagnatie. It’s a weird, clashing site, merging nerd culture with cold, industrial looks from the docks, but at least it will be the most colorful time to visit.


During the get-together, GameForce states that it will be possible to partake in AAA titles, as well as locally produced games. Additionally, some Youtube personalities will be present. Other activities that were held last year include demo stands from Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed and eSports presentations, for those of you who can’t get enough of watching people play who are better than you at games. Of course, you’ll be able to get your hands on merchandise or check out some cosplay action.

Unlike its peers in FACTS, however, GameForce does not have a dedicated discount for cosplay fanatics attending the show. Instead, tickets are now online with an Early Bird special. Day tickets cost €10 each, currently at €8, while a VIP pass will set you back €20 a day and currently gets reduced to €16. You’ll receive a goodie and a drink with the latter option.

GameForce can be easily accessed through public transport, for those of you not ready to face Antwerp’s traffic wrath. Directions are available on the site, but essentially you just take the 17 bus to its terminus stop, Rijnkaai. The convention is right there.

Gaming is getting bigger every day. If you’re old, like yours truly, you might remember Belgium hosted a game convention at the Heysel lot in the late nineties. It’s great to have more of these things popping up for the new generation.

Have fun!

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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