Ray Narvaez Jr. Leaves Rooster Teeth For Other Ventures

Achievement Hunter's Ray Narvaez Jr. leaves Rooster Teeth

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Apr 2015

Today on The Know Meg Turney announced that Ray Narvaez Jr., better known as BrownMan, is leaving Rooster Teeth.

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Achievement Hunter Manager Geoff Ramsey stated that “Ray is the greatest gamer, gardener, fence builder I have ever met. From the day I picked him up outside of Home Depot, to his first appearance in a Let’s Play, I knew he was something special. His gaming prowess is only matched by his knowledge of the local flora and fauna. While sad to see him leave, I’m excited for the many future gardens, and gaming ventures that will flourish under this capably green thumbs.”

Ray stated on his personal Rooster Teeth blog that his last day in Rooster Teeth will be April 17th. “Over the past year and a halaf I’ve fallen completely in love with streaming and therefore I attend on pursuing it full-time. For those of you who wish to continue to follow me and my content you can do so over at Twitch.tv/BrownMan where I will be streaming full-time. Additionally I will continue to make videos on my youtube channel YouTube.com/B1GnBr0wN.”

Meg confirmed that Ray will continue to appear in X-Ray and Vav as well as other Rooster Teeth Productions. 

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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