eSports Brand Unikrn Adds Ashton Kutcher From That '70s Show As An Investor

Hopefully Unikrn won't get Punk'd by attracting Ashton Kutcher to its eSports platform.

By Daavpuke, Posted 01 Sep 2015

As eSports become rapidly more popular, new players in the game, such as Unikrn, are expanding to get their piece of the pie. In Unikrn’s case, the company has just added That '70s Show star, Ashton Kutcher, to its list of investors. Kutcher is announced as a supporter, along with Guy Oseary from Sound Ventures, which is a venture capital firm from these two aforementioned people. Who knew that Kelso, of all people, would become highly interested in the intricate business side of the economical world?

Apparently, the actor mostly known for the hit 70’s TV series and the prank show Punk’d is no stranger to investments. In a press release, Kutchers states:

I’ve had the pleasure of investing and being involved in a number of outstanding startups, and Unikrn stood out because they are completely changing how people engage with eSports.

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Unikrn provides a platform for people to tune in to popular competitive games. Titles in the company’s roster include tournaments for League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and pretty much every other major player.

In tow of the celebrity announcement, Unikrn announced it’s rolling out the Unikrn Arena Global, which launches with a companion app, called the Unikrn Vault. With this service, users can earn Unikoins to win prizes. This is one branding-centered company. Anyway, prizes can be obtained by betting on games or getting involved in the social aspect of the platform, but also trivia questions. Rewards are tied to names like hardware manufacturer Alienware, HP and Logitech, but also toymakers Funko.

While it may not be as known as eSports behemoths like ESL, Unikrn has been fairly successful at attracting an audience. In past news, the company has accrued $10 million in funds from renowned investors like Mark Cuban, known for their appearance on Shark Tank.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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