Discounts and Double RP Offered This Week In GTA Online

Play GTA Online this week to unlock free content and increased benefits

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Nov 2015

Rockstar is kicking off GTA Online for this week with discounts, double RP, cash and free items.

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Each day will have a different Playlist Event, offering double RP and Rockstar money. Contact and Adversary modes are offering double RP and Rockstar money during the weekend.

For those looking for a new ride, a different lowrider vehicles will be discounted each day.

Monday: 25% off Declasse Voodoo (Base Price & Upgrade)

Tuesday: 25% off Albany Primo (Base Price & Upgrade)

Wednesday: 25% off Albany Buccaneer (Base Price & Upgrade)

Thursday: 25% off Declasse Moonbeam (Base Price & Upgrade)

Friday: 25% off Vapid Chino (Base Price & Upgrade)

Saturday: 25% off Willard Faction (Base Price & Upgrade)

Rockstar isn’t done, offering an additional 75% off all dashboard bobbleheads and 25% Ammu-Nation off all ammo and assault rifles.

If you’re looking for free stuff Rockstar is giving that away too.

Monday: The ‘Strawberry’ Hat

Tuesday: The ‘Magnetics Block’ Hat

Wednesday: The ‘SA’ Hat

Thursday: The ‘Boars’ Hat

Friday: The ‘Davis’ Hat

Saturday: The ‘Westside’ Hat

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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