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RPG fans should check out Nights of Azure

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Feb 2016

If you’re an RPG lover looking for a new game to add to their collection then rejoice, Nights of Azure is the game for you!

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“Set on the imaginary island-kingdom of Ruswal, where nights are plagued by Azure-blooded demons. It tells a tragic epic tale of two friends tangled up in a web of fate and faced with impossible decisions that will test their loyalty to their quest and to each other to the limits”.

Players take control of Arnice. Called upon to protect humanity from the demons she’ll use the power of her enemies to fight. This means summoning demons to fight by Arnice’s side.

Each of these demons, called Servans, can be summoned as healers, attackers, defenders, tricksters, followers, or mages and they all gain experience from battle. Arnice can upgrade her demonic allies at the hotel base, but don’t expect to plow through this adventure. Creating a balance team is necessary to succeed. These creatures won’t just silently obey commands, each one of them has their own personality and will react to one another’s presence.

If that wasn’t enough each Servan has a ‘transformation factor’ attached to them. Arnice, who can also transform into a demon, gains a significant power boost depending on which of the five forms she adapts: Demon, Rabbit, Phantom, Armor, and Nightmare.

Each form has its own specific strengths. Demon allows Arnice to manipulate fire, Rabbit grants here unnatural speed, Armor increases offensive and defensive attributes, Phantom allows Arnice to attack from a distance and finally Nightmare is an ultra-powerful form.

If you’re an RPG fan you should keep Nights of Azure on your watch-list.

Nights of Azure will release on PS4 on April 1 2016.

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