Grim Dawn Soon To Get Modding Tools

That's just the first step Crate Entertainment plans to take in expanding Grim Dawn's content.

By Woozie, Posted 07 Mar 2016

Grim Dawn has been out for a while now and, judging by the developer's reports, it was a success. High review scores, over 6000 users on Steam and a #2 spot on Steam's Top Sellers make up the list of reasons for calling it that and Crate Entertainment have given us an idea of what is to follows for the game. Survival Mode and an expansion are planned to come, but, prior to that, Grim Dawn will get a set of Modding Tools, which is sure to delight enough people in its playerbase.

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The tools available include an Asset Manager, which helps in organizing mods, a World Editor, a Conversation Editor, a Quest Editor alongside a Database Editor and LUA Scripting. Needless to say, it all sounds promising and I, for one, cannot wait to slay Thomas the Tank Engine while wearing the Pink Unicorn's Blessing chest piece which makes my conjurer and his Hellhounds glitter while vanquishing Chtonians and Aetherials.

More on the subject can be found in this forum post.

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