Pokémon Sun and Moon New Villains and New Pokémon Revealed

Get ready to take on Team Skull in Pokémon Sun and Moon

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Aug 2016

Today Nintendo revealed that Pokémon Sun and Moon's evil primary antagonist will be Team Skull. However a translation of CoroCoro magazine reveals much more information than the reveal video.

According to a translation made by Serebii.net the magazine a new sandcastle ground/ghost Pokémon called called Sunabaa while the larger one is called Shirodesuna. A pre-evolved form of Bewear called Nuikoguma and an Alola form of Marowak (Which could be a reference to the Lavender Town Marowak), who's a Fire/Ghost-type, and a Dark-type Meowth are shown.

Lastly a preview of what appears to be a member of Team Skull, one of them who's name translates to Guzma and the girl as Plumeri.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS. Check out the new Alolha Raichu and Pokémon Uranium.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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