No Man's Sky Could Come to Xbox One

Sean Murray didn't rule out a possible Xbox One version of No Man's Sky

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Aug 2016

Since launching eariler this week on PS4, and now on PC today, No Man's Sky has become a enormous hit. However Xbox One owners may have the chance to experience the expansive universe of No Man's Sky.

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In an interview with dailystar Sean Murray didn't rule out an Xbox One version. In the interview Murray was accompanied by a Sony represenative stating that he had to be "very specific with my words". Murray never fully denied a possible Xbox One release so hope does exist for a port of the game.

On a side note INSIDE, from Limbo creator Playdead, was an Xbox One exclusive for a month before shockingly being revealed for PS4. Rise of the Tomb Raider, another Xbox One exlcusive, is now launching on October 11 with exclusive content and PSVR support.

While No Man's Sky hasn't been revealed as a timed exclusive avoiding to state this can be seen as Murray hinted to the possibility of an Xbox One version. 

No Man's Sky is now available for PS4 and PC.

Source: dailystar

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