Allison Road, the Spiritual Successor to P.T., Revived

It's back again, but will it release?

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Aug 2016

Remember back in June when Allison Road was cancelled, well it's back again.

In a statement made to IGN, and posted on the Allison Road official Facebook page, creator Christian Kesler confirmed that the game was back in development but only on his own time. Kesler also stated that the game would continue under the new label Far From Home.

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"And one thing that I want to point out is that I will give things as much time as they need to be exactly the way they are supposed to be. I don't want to rush this or do it half-arsed and just get it out there to make some money."

Allison Road debuted in July 2015 and reached its funding goal on Kickstarter in weeks and partnered with Team17. The game would get cancelled in June 2016 but didn't provide any details regarding the issues between Team17 and Lilith Ltd..

Kesler explained that he's confident in carrying the project alone but will seek support if things become problematic.

Currently Allison Road doesn't have a release date but considering Kesler's words we won't see it for a long time. At least we have some extraordinary games coming out in this fall, with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releasing tomorrow.

Sources: IGN, Allison Road

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