New Pokémon for Sun and Moon Revealed and Pokémon Snap Concept Introduced

It seems that The Pokémon Company is running out of names for their new creatures

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Sep 2016

A brand new set of new Pokémon are coming to Sun and Moon, despite many yearning for the fanmade Alola version of Nidoking to be real it wasn't shown.

Type: Null
Type: Normal
Ability: Battle Armor

Pokémon Sun and Moon,Type:Null,NoobFeed,

Type: Dragon
Ability: Bulletproof/Soundproof

Pokémon Sun and Moon,Jangmo-o,NoobFeed,

Alolha Form

Pokémon Sun and Moon,Raticate Alola,NoobFeed,

In addition to the new Pokémon the trailer reveals that Pokémon Sun and Moon will be set 12 hours apart. These are simply cosmetic changes but will change the way battles play out.

New characters were shown off such as the Aether foundation. This includes:

Pokémon Sun and Moon,The Aether foundation,NoobFeed,

Lusamine: Aether's President
Faba: Aether's Branch Chief
Wicke: Assistance Branch Chief
Aether Foundation Employees

Team Skull's enforcer, Gladion was also shown.

Like the cult classic Pokémon Snap players can take pictures using the Poké Finder and share them with other trainers.

A new type of Pokémon called the Ultra Beasts were revealed, the first one being a Jellyfish-like Pokémon called UB-01. The title reveals the new Pokémon as a "Mysterious Threat...Ultra Beasts". Most likely this is an experimental Pokémon that threatens the world, that's my guess.

UB-01,Pokémon Sun and Moon,Ultra Beasts,NoobFeed,

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS.

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