Blizzard Officially Reveals Sombra

Sombra joins the Overwatch roster, guess she didn't want to join Dedsec

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Nov 2016

After months of teasing and speculation, Sombra has finally been revealed as a hacker.


During the opening of Blizzcon 2016 Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that Sombra will join the Overwatch roster. Blizzard also released a brand new trailer highlight the character called "Infiltration" which dives into the character's lore.

Sombra is an offense character that features powers and abilities that are tech and stealth focus. Her primary weapon is a machine pistol which deals burst damage but lacks range. Her ability called "Hack" allows her to temporarily prevent enemies from using their special abilities or hack health kits, making them useless to enemy players for a specific amount of time. The other ability called Thermoptic Camo allows Sombra to become invisible for a brief period while boosting her speed, and Translocator allows her to teleport to where the beacon is placed.

Sombra's Ultimate Ability is called EMP which does AOE damage to everyone around and destroys all enemy barriers and shields, like Reinhardt's barrier, while hacking anything else like Torbjorn's turret. 

Sombra will appear on PC versions of the game in the Public Test Region in a new update next week. Those who attend Blizzcon 2016 can play with the Hacker. A full release hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

You can watch the trailer here. If that isn't enough you can watch the Hacker's origin here.

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