Titanfall 2 To Receive New Game Mode

Two new maps and a bunch of other goodies to also come with the next update.

By Woozie, Posted 13 Jan 2017

Winter break is over at Respawn Entertainment's headquarters. Keeping true to their promise of supporting Titanfall 2 with free content updates, the developer has announced a new game mode coming in the game's next patch. It's name is Live Fire and it pits two 6 player teams, comprised only of pilots, against each other. The catch is that there's only one minute to eliminate the enemy team. The main focus of this game mode is speed and close-quarter combat, a best of 5 format deciding the winner. Two new maps that cater specifically to this mode will also be added to the game with the update.

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New content will not end there, however. A new player execution, alongside a couple of fresh commander intro sequences will also be made available. The team is also working on revamping the playlist interface, the end-goal being fully customizable mixtapes alongside not having the playlist spread over two screens. More news on this, alongside a roadmap for the following months, will be made available soon. Here you can find the full article.

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