The Banner Saga 3 Fully Funded

The Banner Saga getting another sequel

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Jan 2017

Last week Stoic officially announced Banner Saga 3 and set up a kickstarter of $200,000 USD by March 7th.

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Today Stoic announced that the game has surpassed its $200,000 asking point after 6 days. 

“Thanks to you, we reached our funding goal for the development of Banner Saga 3 in less than a week! This game really is the type of project that simply could not get made without the backing of the best community a small team could ever ask for. Your support, and your help spreading the word, have put us well on our way to finishing this epic Saga.

This is just the beginning, though! This is when the fun starts and from here on out it’s cherries on top for everyone! We have lots of great stuff planned that we simply didn’t think we’d get a chance to put in the game. Let’s do it together, shall we?”

Stoic revealed its first stretch goal: playable Dredge. With the stretch goal completed Stoic will implement the ability for players to take command of dredge heroes, order them in battle, and train them through the ranks. The Dredge will come in three heroes, stories, abilities, portraits, and combat animations. 

The Banner Saga 3 has no release date and is only listed for PC and Mac. However, the last two games made their way to consoles and mobile devices so it's likely Stoic will do the same. If you pledge $20 you get the first two games!

Source: Kickstarter

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