Death Squared Releases March 14th

Test your puzzle and cooperative skills in Death Squared

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Feb 2017

Want to test your puzzle solving skills and cooperative synergy? Try SMG Studio's latest project Death Squared. 

"Death Squared began as a simple cooperative concept focused on minimal direction and having players answer a simple question; What do we do?" said Patrick Cook, lead designer, SMG Studio. "It's been a pleasure building that idea into a game that can be enjoyed by individuals, groups, and people of all ages and skill levels. The response from fans has been wonderful and we're eager to finally let people play it at home."

Death Squared will include 2-player story mode and "party chaos" challenges for groups of 4. 2-players can tackle the "party chaos" mode by controlling 2 robots with 1 controller and a single-player can enjoy the 2-player story mode.

However, if one robot dies the entire squad returns to the beginning. Trial and error is important to success, and patience doesn't hurt as well.

Death Squared launches on Xbox One, PS4, Mac, and PC March 14th. The PlayStation 4 version will support Share Play

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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